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Christchurch surf check

A resource for local surf conditions and information in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Allows users to view forecast condtions at Christchurch beaches for swell, waves, wind, daylight times, and tide data.

Screenshot of Christchurch Surf Check.

Outside, Looking Up

Outside, Looking Up is a tool for people to check stargazing conditions in their area. After choosing a location, users are given sunrise/set times, darkness times, moon illumination and positions, current and forecast weather, and aurora data from current satellite feeds.

Users can also set up free email alerts for when stargazing conditions are looking good at their chosen location.
The site can calculate data for dates in the past, present or future, for any place on Earth, and in any timezone.

Screenshot of Outside, Looking Up.

Free Aurora Alerts

Free Aurora Alerts lets users set up a free alert to send them an email when aurora activity is forecast to reach their preset 'trigger level' in the next hour. The service also sends out daily forecast information, and the front page of the site gives more detailed information of current and forecast aurora activity.

Data from the site comes directly from satellite data provided by NOAA, which is downloaded to my server and parsed to look more user-friendly.

Free Aurora Alerts was created using PHP, jQuery/Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Screenshot of Free Aurora Alerts.

Chip Shop

Chip Shop is a marketing tool for takeaway shop owners to easily create a website for their business, and enable them to begin or expand their online presence. A recent update added online ordering capabilities.

Shop owners can edit their five-page Chip Shop website at any time with a user-friendly interface. They also have the option to have their site available at a custom domain name. A search feature on the front page of allows customers to find Chip Shop listings on a map, or search for a shop based on opening hours, menu availability, or food types.

Chip Shop was created using PHP, jQuery/Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Screenshot of Chip Shop


ExtraPhoto gives users a free space to share photos, available at (formerly

Users can quickly and easily upload photos, along with an optional description, and create a 'Photo Page'. The user is then given a short unique link which they can share on online auction sites, allowing them to direct customers to their photo gallery.

ExtraPhoto was created using PHP, jQuery/Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Screenshot of ExtraPhoto


ShareHeap is an anonymous, random messaging service, available at (formerly, and an Android app (update 2020: since I am no longer supporting new Android versions, I have unpublished this from the store.

ShareHeap encourages users to add a message to the 'heap', before taking one back at random. Messages could be a thought or joke, link to a website, or just an update on their day.

ShareHeap was created using PHP, jQuery/Javascript, HTML and CSS.
The app was created using Andromo, with a separate CSS file allowing regular ShareHeap pages to be displayed as activities in the app.

Screenshot of ShareHeap

Daily Briefing

Daily Briefing is an unfinished concept, but it can still be viewed at

The site would have given users the chance to custom-build their own 'Daily Briefing' email by dragging and dropping elements they wanted into a visual preview of what their briefing would look like.

Users could choose from different weather and news sources, websites, sports results, stock/cryptocurrency prices, and to set reminders for certain days. They could then choose what time to send their email each day.

Screenshot of Daily Breifing

Trader Tools

Trader Tools is a tool for cryptocurrency traders to spot changes in price trend to help enable their decisions.

A custom built algorithm is able to scan any trading pair on Binance, in any timeframe, to detect divergence between price and RSI.

Update 2023: Site no longer functions correctly, due to Binance restricting data access to the US only.

Screenshot of Trader Tools


OliGrid is a tool for web designers to easily layout web pages.

Based on user inputs it creates a fixed or responsive CSS grid, giving the user a preview before creating CSS code which can be used to easily space and align page elements.

OliGrid was created using PHP, HTML and CSS.

Screenshot of OliGrid

8 Bit Future

8 Bit Future is my main Tumblr where I share anything I like related to science, technology, and old video games.

Started in 2010, 8 Bit Future now has almost a quarter million followers from all parts of the world.

Visit the site, check out the Facebook page, follow on Twitter, or download the Android or Blackberry Apps.

Screenshot of 8 Bit Future

Search History

Search History allows Google users to easily view their entire search history.

The site was created using PHP, HTML and CSS.

I took Search History offline in April 2022 as Google now offers an easier way to view this data.

Screenshot of Search History site
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