Trader Tools

Use this tool to find current and historical divergence between price and RSI on Binance.
Other exchanges and indicators may be available in future.

This site is still under development.
There is a feedback form on the next page, I'd love to hear from you with feature requests, bug reports, or any other comments.

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Feedback form

Any comments, questions, bug reports, or feature requests are welcome.
If you'd like a reply please let me know your email address also.

Current ideas for future development:

  • Email alerts when a div is forming on your selected pair and timeframe. (This one is a priority. If you'd like an email to let you know when this feature is available, send me your email address below.)
  • Draw lines connecting RSI values
  • Make RSI chart resizeable, or just make it larger and easier to read
  • The ability to hide all divergence lines then show only certain ones