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Why shouldn't you get dressed in front of a Pokemon?
In case they have a Pikachu.
what up some one there
get a new job leave the call center
stay strong and looking great jobs out there just got to find the one u love
what ups
Search this song on Spotify: Like A Lie - Copeland
I need a new job.
Donald Trump plans to ban grated cheese if elected president - he wants to make America grate again.
ecoupons fuck off!!!
I love Wilber
I'm so bored at this call center job.
What you up to?
I am new to this
my willy hurts
whats up
I want to take a message
I like u
Hello World!
Test week. BBC.
hello all

( ?° ?? ?°) ( ?° ?? ?°) ?( ?° ?? ?°)? ( ?~ ?? ?°)
( ?o ?? ?o) ?° ?? ? - ( ?? ° ? ? ? °)? ( ? ?° ?° ? ?° ?°)
(? ?° ??? ?°)? ( ?° ?? ? °) (? ?° ??) [ ?° ?? ?°]
???????? ( ?o ?? ?o) { ?• ?? ?•} ( ?° ?V ?°)
( ?^ ?? ?^) ( ????) ( ?°?????° ) ?( ?°?????° )?
a message
I have a cold. Since he's gone.
I like cyberpunk
I'm reading my own shareheap messages. Am I the only one using it?
shareheap is not working
are you alone?
I don't want to get stabbed on my walk home today. If I do, people will celebrate it as a heroic act against an oppressor. I just want to get home safely.
Stop saying I'm sorry when you don't mean it. Sometimes people need to be told they are making your job hard by not helping.
Another night searching for a connection. Because the universe is so big and we are so unsubstantial. We need each other not for our society, but to fill ourselves with that which we cannot replenish. Someone to make us actually care about our puny place in this magnanimous universe.
Scary movies are full of tangible things that are out of our control. Monsters ghosts and zombies. But my greatest fear is that which is in mine own head. Nothing can be scarier than losing ones mind and not being aware of it. Or worst, experiencing thoughts feelings and interactions that never happened.
Regret is persistent yet pointless. A poisonous worm that work its way into you very being, eating away at what should be your greatest moments. So why spend all day anxiously worrying about what could have been instead of making the best out of what you have. Right? Or is that all just fucking bullshit?
Who owns Syria?
When I hear people say that some sappy commercial made them cry, I remember that I haven't cried since 2011, and it worries me.


im thinking about reading this tonight
tor posts random short stories on their tumblr but i never get around to reading them. i trust tor for good stuff tho.
Why can't you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom?

Because it has a silent p.
Science fiction is just too under-rated. Everyone should read and watch science fiction. Cos that's what the future, a future, will be like. You may not be part of that future, but that future will "be". And no, science fiction does not not have emotions. Case in point: the brilliant movie, Interstellar.

Go watch Doctor Who and Stargate SG-1 for some important life lessons while nerdgasming with wonderful science, history, and pop culture references.
"Don't Blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't Blink. Good Luck."
hello random stranger!
Your inspirational quote of the day: If at first you don't succeed redefine success.
i haven't had a lot of friends in the past two years. i moved away from all my friends and i haven't made many since.

i think partly its cause i spent two years in a more isolated place/way and i grew up a lot and realized how different i am from all my peers. but at this point i wonder if i'll get to meet anyone who i really like and have stuff in common with.
ever thought about how when u look at the moon its the same moon that shakespeare and and cleopatra and moses looked at? like, they were forever ago but its the same moon.
i get that gravity falls and steven universe are kid shows but i think both are sweet and funny.


i like these little happy songs:
i understand listening to sad music (and more often than not, i listen to sad stuff), but sometimes happy or sentimental music is really nice
i hope youre having a great day and that you have an amazing weekend!
what does a gardener use to fix his cabbages?
a cabbage patch
It's crazy to think that we can look at a star and not even realize that it's burned out and gone because it takes so long for the light to reach us.

If you want to be remembered after you die, borrow money from everyone you know.