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ShareHeap - (Anti)Social Messaging

ShareHeap is an anonymous, random messaging service.

Warning: ShareHeap may contain adult content - posts are not moderated in any way so assume the worst (it's the internet, after all). ShareHeap may be broken, stupid, or unfinished - it's a work in progress.

To get started, post your message to the box on the front page. It could be a link to an image or to a website you like, a thought or a joke, a status update about your day, or whatever you can think of. When you submit the message, it's added to the heap.

Once you've added a message you'll have an option to also take one from the heap (we'll make sure it's not one you added). Once you take that message, it's gone from the heap for good.
You'll have the option to rate the message with 'Love It', 'Meh', or 'Dislike'.
If you click 'Love It' the message shows Recent Shares page for a limited time.

One more thing: add your email address along with your message, and you'll get an email when your message is viewed to let you know which feedback button was clicked for your message.

ShareHeap - what will you share?